# Degree in Sports Science and Master Degree in Sports Psychology by School of Human Kinetics - Technical University of Lisbon

​# Massage Therapist

​# Pilates Instructor (Mat and Fit Ball)

​# Personal Trainer certified

​# Physical Coach of various Athletes (Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Gimnastycs, Body-board, Sailing, Triathlon)

A few years ago that I dedicate to the physical preparation of athletes or ordinary people, whether in post-injury or post-surgery situations always tried to reconcile the acquired knowledge in various formations who attended - Pilates, Pilates on the Fit Ball, Massage and balneotherapy SPA, personal training with Postural Correction, Training Pregnant, among others.

I worked with athletes from various sports such as football, Rugby, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, Body-board, sailing (Olympic athletes – Match Racing) either as physical trainer, or helping in the rehabilitation of some injuries (especially Knee and Lumbar Area). I, also, worked as a massage therapist in several sporting events such as the European Championships in Canoeing, Evidence of Iron-Man and proofs of mountain biking.

My training methods are primarily for the use of various platforms of instability (some made by me), Fit-Balls, rubber bands, TRX, body weight, uni-podal work, work of agility to limbs and always looking for a harmonious development of the body in order to improve their athletes in body awareness, valuing the work without machines and opting for a more naturalistic perspective.

Today I finished my master's thesis in psychology of sport by FMH with the theme "Parental Concerns in the development of the career of the athlete-a study focused on the perspective of the parents of athletes tennis court" and looking for more specific training in osteopathy in order to consolidate my knowledge.